A polo pony tacked up with a Nic Roldan PoloGear™ generation II free shoulder polo saddle on the sidelines with a polo game being played in the background at Cirencester Park Polo Club Nic Roldan looks on at the horse he is about to get on during his 2nd 2015 Warwickshire Cup Polo Game: ThaiPolo vs La Indiana at Cirencester Park Polo Club © Dominic James Changing from one horse directly to another during a 2015 Gold Cup Polo game at Cowdray Park Polo Club, the horses are kitted out in Nic Roldan PoloGear™ generation II free shoulder polo saddles

In my quest to get to the very top I’m always looking into ways I can improve the technical equipment I use both for the ponies as well as myself. The equipment is a fundamental and here are a few key items I have been integral in developing and improving.

Also find some additional choice items I’m associated with such as the Sunset Polo tea I developed together with the pioneer of growing tea in the UK Tregothnan.

Nic Roldan PoloGear™ Generation II Free Shoulder Polo Saddle

Premier Extreme Polo Boots

Nic Roldan Polo Knee Guards

MDC Super Sport™ Stirrups

VenTECH English Girth

Sunset Polo Tea