Nic Roldan wearing TVR Optical Sunglasses stood next to a favourite horse of his called ME who is wearing a traditional Argentine halter, both Nic & ME are looking into the distance

It is said that in polo, ponies count for 80% of the partnership between horse and player. My ponies mean the world to me so I think it’s only right to put one of mine in the spotlight each month in a #PonyOfTheMonth (#POTM) feature. Here you can see various members of my string plus a look back at some who have come before them.

Nic Roldan about to ride onto the field during the 2015 Gold Cup at Cowdray Park Polo Club

Cubana, #POTM, January 2017

Fortuna, #POTM, May 2016

Cullette, #POTM, April 2016

Ilusionada, #POTM, March 2016

Bombo, #POTM, February 2016

New York, #POTM, January 2016

Cohiba, #POTM, November 2015

Prima, #POTM, October 2015

Fama, #POTM, September 2015

Ducati, #POTM, August 2015

Tulsa, #POTM, July 2015

ME, #POTM, June 2015