After spending years in saddles that poorly fit my horses, I finally did something about it. I am excited to introduce the Nic Roldan Elite Saddle, which is designed to be the best fitting, best performing polo saddle ever made or ever conceived of.

The team that created this is made of saddle makers, saddle fitters, chiropractors and veterinarians, all working together to help create one saddle that would help the horse perform at peak during the game as well as recover fastest afterwards.

As polo has gotten more competitive and polo players have gotten better in the last 40 years, we keep pushing the envelope asking more and more of ourselves, our horses and our equipment. One of the reactions is the movement of our saddles forward, off the horses backs and on top of thehorses shoulders. This gives us a slight advantage but seriously affects ourhorses ability to perform. So I needed a saddle that could move the player forward while still keeping the rider’s weight back on the loin and not interfering with the shoulder movement – which is so critical for the sideways movements in polo. My new saddle has a patented new tree, concept and panels that actually does this and has a revolutionary new, completely adjustable polo saddle that is crafted to fit the horse perfectly. The saddle places the rider 3 to 4 inches farther forward than a conventional saddle, giving the player the advantage without affection the horse’s performance.

You can get the saddle exclusively at PoloGear at 3500 Fairlane Farms Road #15, Wellington, FL 33414.