Next Game

1st game of Copa de Plata, Alto
La Indiana vs Lechuza


7pm Fri. 4th Aug.

My team, Faraway, is heading into the quarterfinals of the U.S. Open!  Yesterday’s win was an exciting one, the outcome was so uncertain throughout the entire match. Playing for Faraway, we were the underdog going up against Lechuza, who had already won against both Piaget and Orchard Hill.


We strategized; making sure our defense was on point until I scored our only goal in the first chukker. Two chukkers in, we were down 2-1. By halftime I had another goal and so did Lechuza, leading 3-2. Fourth period, Lechuza still led, 5-3. Thankfully, during the fifth chukker I had a penalty shot putting us at 7-4 with still one chukker left to play.


I was proud to assist my team in the final minutes of the game with three consecutive goals, giving Faraway its first Maserati U.S. Open Victory, 8-7.

The game was a great one, I look forward to advancing even further in our next match!