After the 3rd Annual Charity Polo Classic, which benefits one of my favorite charities, Rally for Kids, my friend is hosting a dinner party at his private estate in the Hamptons.

Photo Credit: Talent Resources

It will be a great way to cap off the day – surrounded by my friends and some of the guys I play polo with.

This amazing company, Kitchit, was   kind enough to hook me up with Chef Dave Martin, who will be cooking for everyone.  I  recognized Chef Dave from the first season of Bravo’s Top Chef, but he has since published  several cookbooks and launched his own line of Flavor Quest rubs and sauces.  I got a peek  at the menu and I’ll be sure to post some shots of my favorite dishes from the evening!

Photo Credit: Kitchit

If you’re having a party, have Kitchit bring the chef to you.  Kitchit connects consumers   directly with top-tier professional chefs who create everything from world-class gastronomic adventures to casual dinner parties.  To learn more about Kitchit click HERE.

To buy a ticket to the 3rd Annual Charity Polo Classic on July 7th click HERE.

To learn more about Rally for Kids click HERE.