I was recently honored to become the first JustWorld International Polo Ambassador. I’ve always been familiar with the non-profit organization that works to fund life-changing nutrition, health, hygiene, education, as well as leadership and cultural development programs for impoverished children in Cambodia, Honduras and Guatemala.

JustWorld International is an established key player in the equestrian philanthropic world, and has been for the last ten years. While they’ve most recognizably had a stance in the show jumping arena, I was eager to introduce them to the polo world, so I signed on with them in January 2013 as their first polo ambassador.


This transition into polo will enlarge JustWorld’s footprint on the international front, making huge strides in spreading the word and making a difference in the lives of impoverished children throughout the world by helping to break the cycle of poverty in some of the poorest communities.

Since my signing, I’ve been joined by fellow polo player, Brandon Phillips.  As joint ambassadors, we are eager to encourage the polo world to assist in JustWorld’s mission. Just recently, we raised over $15,000 at the 10th Annual JustWorld International Gala by auctioning off polo lessons and dinner!

We agree that it’s easy to get caught up in our privileged lifestyle, but Brandon and I are passionate about remembering what’s going on in other parts of the world.  Our plan for the future of JustWorld includes spreading awareness through polo tournaments to benefit the charity, donating money won from matches, and traveling to the project sites throughout the world. We also hope to get more players involved!

Check out pictures below from the gala. And stay tuned for more of my work with JustWorld International!

Pard: http://tooloans.com