Nic Roldan PoloGear™ Generation II Free Shoulder Polo Saddle

Revolutionary Saddle for Horse and Player

What makes the Nic Roldan PoloGear™ Generation II Free Shoulder saddle different and unique?


Where the traditional polo world embraces veterinary science and modern technology.

  • The Nic Roldan PoloGear™ Generation II Free Shoulder saddle is available in sizes 17 inch, 18 inch, 19 inch and 20 inch seats.
  • Each seat size is available in a narrow, medium or wide-angle tree.
  • All sizes come in our unique Elephant Leather Print Super Grip™ leather. Extra thick, yet light weight and supple.
  • All come in Havana brown colour with white cantle finishing that can be personalised.
  • Each saddle is constructed of three types of European prime leather that is unsurpassed for its beauty, thickness, strength and durability.
  • You can see a selection of informative videos about the saddle here
  • Price: U$D 3200






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