“Being selected for the U.S. National side for the Westchester Cup last year was an amazing feeling.  I had no idea what it meant until I rode out onto the field that afternoon before we played England.  I’ve never felt prouder to be an American.

I’m Argentinean by birth, but American by choice.  We moved to the U.S. just two months after I was born, so what I say now is that I’m 50 percent Argentinean and 100 percent America!  Playing in the Westchester was very special for me and losing hurt – so I’m looking forward to a rematch.”

Team USA

UNITED STATES: No. 1, Jeff Blake; No. 2, Adam Snow; No. 3, Nic Roldan; Back, Jeff Hall.

Team England

ENGLAND: No. 1, James Beim; No. 2, Mark Tomlinson; No. 3, Eduardo Novillo Astrada; Back, Luke Tomlinson

2009 Won by England (10-9) at International Polo Club Palm Beach.  For a complete match summary and photo gallery, please visit http://www.westchestercup.org/news_2009_game_summary.htm

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