Welcome to the home of Nic Roldan’s Signature Sunset Polo℠ events.

Since 2016 Nic and his team have organised a series of Sunset Polo events aiming to bring together various demographics from all the equestrian disciplines as well as non equestrians and the local communities. The aim always is to raise both funds and awareness for the causes closest to Nic’s heart. Nic is a proud ambassador to Brooke USA and the Kids Cancer Foundation as well as a Birthday Patron to Chestnut Tree House.

The first of his signature events was the “Inaugural Nic Roldan’s Sunset Polo & White Party” hosted by Mark and Katherine Bellissimo to benefit Brooke USA. The result was an event which quickly became known as the event of the season. In 2017 Nic followed this up with the 2nd Nic Roldan’s Sunset Polo & White Party and built on it with the first global event in the form of Nic Roldan’s UK Sunset Polo at Cowdray House.

2018 will see the 3rd Nic Roldan’s Sunset Polo & White Party, Florida and the 2nd Nic Roldan’s UK Sunset Polo with plans afoot to add more editions to our collection.

For more information on each event please see below.