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1st game of Copa de Plata, Alto
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7pm Fri. 4th Aug.

Nic Roldan’s Sunset Polo and Tregothnan have made the hottest ever tea

Nic Roldan’s Sunset Polo and Tregothnan have made the hottest ever tea Tregothnan are delighted to be supporting Nic Roldan’s Sunset Polo and his philanthropic work with this blend of truly British tea, created with transatlantic tastings by Nic Roldan with Tregothnan for Sunset Polo events.  The Sunset Polo tea blend will be available this Saturday at the $100,000 World Cup Polo Championships Final at Grand Champions Polo Club, where at 6pm Nic will be signing Sunset Polo Tea Caddies and will give one of his “NR” baseball hats away with each caddy bought.  Proceeds of the sales will go to Nic’s chosen charities. Tregothnan is the nearly 700-year-old Estate in England and home of the first tea grown in the UK. Tregothnan tea was first planted in the family’s botanical gardens in 1999 and now produces many tons a year across the Estate, owing to the unique climate and deep sea creek of the river Fal. A refreshing and aromatic blend of the freshest tea leaves, plucked and dried in England, retaining the greenest chlorophyll captured from the sun. The British tea is blended with China’s finest Green Tea, spicy Cardamom Pods and Tregothnan Chamomile. This revitalising blend of tea is finished with luxurious Saffron, giving it the golden glow of a Summer’s sunset. Development of the Tregothnan Sunset Polo Blend Jonathon Jones CEO of Tregothnan with Dee Roldan Expectations from a tea blend could scarcely be higher. The brief for the tea blend, apart from being delicious was to deliver: Hitting the ball Athleticism Faster horses Improved personal appeal Winning polo And most importantly to help raise as much...