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Nic’s Travel Guide to Greenwich, Connecticut

Nic’s Travel Guide to:  Greenwich, Connecticut, U.S.A. Here’s the next instalment of my travel guide series: “Nic’s Travel Guide to Greenwich, Connecticut” where I recently spent a number of weeks whilst I was playing in the East Coast Open, it’s a great place to end to summer & it’s location provides so many options. 2016 East Coast Open Final- Audi vs White Birch with my dad by Greenwich, CT, Town sign Hanging with the boyzzzz, Brandon Phillips & Darren Marrota Best way to start the day: First to the gym, then to the barn to have maté (traditional Argentine “tea”) with my horse trainers & check on my horses. Drinking Maté by Xenia Erichse/ My horse trainer Valé by Xenia Erichse/ Favorite restaurants: Smart: The National Casual: The Juice Bar @ Equinox Favourite bar & tipple: The Granola Bar of Greenwich where I’ll have a macha smoothie Favourite Hotel: The J House Greenwich, it’s where our team has always been based, a home away from home where they look after us great. Favourite Golf Club: Pound Ridge Golf club & The Stanwich Club Playing golf at Favourite gym: Equinox Greenwich & I like to work out on & around the polo field’s here Polo Club where I’m playing at: Greenwich Polo Club, I played in the East Coast Open however Greenwich Polo Club is also home to the Brant Foundation & Jeff Koon’s amazing Puppy statue, a 43 ft (13 m) tall topiary sculpture of a West Highland White Terrier puppy, executed in a variety of flowers.  It truly is a stunning location & provides a unique backdrop The Grandstand @...