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1st game of Copa de Plata, Alto
La Indiana vs Lechuza


7pm Fri. 4th Aug.

Photo Shoot For The Cover of City & Shore Magazine

I am so excited about being featured on the cover of City & Shore’s December issue! Being surrounded by the magazine’s professional crew made the shoot particularly fun this weekend.  All six crewmembers came up from Miami to my good friend Kris Kampsen’s barn in Wellington, and the weather couldn’t have been any better. The day was beautiful, but of course we all now that Florida’s heat can sometimes be unbearable. Wearing a one-of-a-kind wool Maus & Hoffman jacket made it that much steamier. I really enjoyed taking some shots with my dog Charlie, and two of my horses: Valeria and Plus. The issue is set for December, and I’ll post more pics the moment it comes out.  In the meantime, here are a few more candids from that...

Super Nations Cup 2013- Tianjin, China

Amazing is the only word I can use for my first visit to China. I had such a blast not only playing in the Super Nations Cup, but also seeing such a beautiful country. Unfortunately, my team was not successful in winning the championship, but we were all very happy to be a part of this time when polo is growing so much globally – especially in this region. The Hong Kong, China team was ultimate champion over England in the Finals. It was a very special moment for them and all of China since they were playing on their home turf. This new experience was exciting and insightful for me.  Not only did I play a sport that I love, but I have made lifelong memories, and learned a lot of new things from China.   I look forward to returning in the...