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Rally For Kids With Cancer Scavenger Cup 2013

The 6th Annual Rally For Kids With Cancer took place on September 20th, 2013, and fortunately I was able to be a part of it again.  This exciting race helped us raise money for the SickKids Foundation, which supports research to improve the lives of children and their families around the world. This year, the scavenger hunt was held in Toronto, where I was selected to be a part of a great team. The race was fun and challenging, and knowing that we were in this for a great cause made it all the more rewarding. During the event, each team was given a sports car to race around Toronto, and the AWIN team was styling in a beautiful Audi A5! The scavenger hunt had us traveling all over Toronto — we even had the chance to search for luggage in one of Air Canada’s planes.  I love a good competition, so out of all of the pit stops, this one was the most exciting.     The outcome of the event was great, and with hard work, our team took second place! It is great to know I was somehow able to make a positive impact on children’s lives around the world. I cannot wait to be a part of more events like...