Next Game

1st game of Copa de Plata, Alto
La Indiana vs Lechuza


7pm Fri. 4th Aug.

Headed to Greenwich

This past week I played in two games with team Piaget, the USPA Eastern Challenge Cup and the Memorial by Piaget Tournament. Both games lead to great wins for team Piaget! It’s been great to get back on the field. Next, I will be heading to Greenwich to compete in their polo season. I’m looking forward to spending some time up North. Make sure to check back for game...

Summer Update

Thank you for all the support with Rally for Kids with Cancer in Miami. It was a great weekend! Check out the picture of some of my teammates with the kids. This week I was in New York getting meetings done before summer polo kicks off. I’m looking forward to playing in a few weeks but first I’ll be heading to the Kentucky...