Miami Beach Polo

I’m looking forward to attending Miami Beach Polo this weekend! It’s pretty different from your typical outdoor polo match. Besides the fact that it’s played on the beach, the field is much smaller and the game is played much slower with a lighter, indoor ball. The teams are 3 on 3 instead of the 4 on 4 teams played in outdoor polo. They play by the same rules and use the same mallets and horses. Here are some photos of when I played beach polo last year.

Polo Plans

Palm Beach polo season is ending this week with the final match of the U.S. Open. I was bummed that a shoulder injury from a fall during practice kept me from playing these past few weeks but I’m looking forward to my summer schedule. Be sure to check back for match updates and pictures! Here are some shots from the 2011 Palm Beach Polo Season. Photo by: Ami De La Mer With Venus Williams Photo by: Lila Photo Winning the 2011 Iglehart...